Fall 2019

Dear School Staff,

My name is Laura Winkleblack and I am a Post-Master’s Doctor of Nursing Practice student at Arizona State University. I am partnering with the School Nurses Organization of Arizona (SNOA) to gather data on school nurse workload and student health demographics. There is currently no standardized data collection form for school nurses within Arizona. We have therefore been unable to adequately track school nurse workload and the number of chronic health conditions affecting our students. Due to the intimate connection between health and educational outcomes in children, the collection of this data is vital to maximizing long-term student success.

A standardized data collection tool has been created to compile data related school nurse work load and chronic illness of students. Once all of the data has been collected, it will be aggregated and analyzed to present the results to policy stakeholders at the district and state levels to educate stakeholders on the importance of student health and formulate recommendations for policy change. At the individual level, it is our hope that it will improve interdisciplinary communication within school systems. Long-term, our desire is that the form will help replace the various collection tools currently being utilized across the state.

Your participation in this project is completely voluntary with no risks to participate. You may decline to participate, or leave any question blank without repercussion. All we ask is that you answer the questions with the most accurate information available to you from the August 2018 to June 2019 academic school year. The survey will take approximately 10-20 minutes to complete. Your school district is collected only for general tracking purposes. Individual student information will not be collected and your responses will remain confidential and anonymous.

If you agree to participate in this survey, the fillable PDF form can be downloaded at: to complete. Once you have completed the survey please return it by email to Your email will not be associated with your survey. Please return the completed survey within 4 weeks of receiving this letter. 

If you have any questions regarding the form, please email Laura Winkleblack at with the subject line “School Nurse Survey Inquiry.” If you would like your question(s) answered via phone, please include your phone number on the email.

Thank you for your time and participation in this endeavor.


Laura Winkleblack, CRNP, MSN, RNFA

Post-Master’s Doctor of Nursing Practice Student

Arizona State University

Mentor: Dr. Nancy Denke, DNP, ACNP, FNP, MSN

By downloading this form you agree that you are greater than 18 years old, speak English, and are directly involved in the health of students at a K-12 school within Maricopa County.